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Writing Skills: “Burrowing”

Two excellent things happened today… 

  1. Students realised that you don’t need to start writing at the start of a story for  in order for that story to be interesting.
  2. A whopping 16 people turned up to the session – we’re now into double figures!

Students were given one word to act as the centre of their story (this word is highlighted in bold). They had to build a story around this word, equally balancing their ideas on either side. The objective was to get them thinking about different ways to approach creative writing, taking them away from strict, structural approaches to exploring their use of language. Here’s what they came up with.

Team Train Track: The track can take you places you never thought it would. It sits patiently, waiting for its riders to zoom along the (track) with its drivers. The ‘clickety-clack’ is always a pleasure, taking us to places we treasure. Never late, always on time, the track finally ends – and so does this rhyme. 

Team Holnie:   I wish to start a new page, to turn back the hands of time and step away from this dreadful life. I stand in the centre of the desolate field, where I feel my body (floating) above the clouds. I have finally evolved into a Pegasus. My mind is full o0f breathtaking dreams. 

Team Isabarlotte:   It was the Red Nose Day at Ecclesfield Comprehensive, and Miss Tse – being the loving, kind person that she, had chosen not to participate in the event. She had been assigned to clean Mr Wirth’s car with Beatrice. However, Miss had other plans…

“You (clean) the car, Beatrice!” Ordered Miss Tse. Miss Tse had never ordered people around before. I say that, but it’s probably not true. She looked very proud, with a smug grin on her face. I had a vague thought that Miss was not a good person who gave to charity and help starving children – nah, Miss Tse is too sweet to do that. I’m sure she has plans instead – that concerned the well-being of the school staff. 

(Disclaimer: Miss Tse is wholly aware of the sarcastic tone featured in this article and would like to clarify that she is willing to be at the centre of a very sarcastic story – especially when Miss Tse is too much of a wimp to play dodgeball for Sports Relief). 

Team Whatever:    In the gloomy, historic hospital in the centre of a ruined town centre, the bloodstained (carpet) laid uncomfortably above creepy wooden floorboards. The sound of the outdated check-in computer is the only sound for miles.

Team Corner:    The footsteps echoed from narrow hallway walls. We were certain soon they’d find us, and that all our efforts would be wasted. I could hear its heavy breath right outside the door. To my surprise, they passed, but we still sat in (silence), neither of us able to release any words from out lips.