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Peter’s Booker Creative Writing Competition – Sheffield University

This month, students have been working towards the writing competition for the Booker Foundation Universities Initiative with the University of Sheffield. The winner will receive a copy of each of the six novels shortlisted for this year’s Man Booker Prize.

For inspiration, students have thought about the issues raised in this quote from Karen Joy Fowler: “We have underestimated our fellow animals at every turn, mainly by being unable to see beyond ourselves.”

Their responses were fantastic – read them below!

Peter – Puffskein Parade

Puffskeins (puf-sk-een) are little creatures no bigger than an apple. They can be every colour on earth: red, blue, green, and much more. The creatures have a peaceful nature and live in the Crinklet meadow.

Every year, the Puffskeins hold a huge celebration to remember the Big People who built them a village out of sticks, pebbles, grass and leaves. The celebration would always begin with a parade. Clay boats were to sail down the creek followed by the red raven group who would fly over the town on grey pigeons. The Puffskeins always had a perfect party…            Until Pygmy, that is.

Pygmy Crostino was a luminous green Puffskein. He had delphinium blue eyes and always carried his jade rucksack everywhere he went. Pygmy enjoyed exploring and was the fastest Puffskein in his school. Every year, Pygmy would be the first one at the celebration gates. This year, Pygmy hoped he would get the chance to meet the famous band, Zebra Zeborie.


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