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Spine Chillers Entries

Students at TWB wrote some short stories to submit for the ‘Spine Chillers’ competition. Taking the festive season as an influence,¬†Ecclesfield students created a short, spooky Santa-related story. You can read two of the entrants’ stories below!

Kian, Y8:


Doctor Who was booming out of the television, as the leftover turkey was eaten. The crackers were pulled. The television started to stutter. The mistletoe on the door blew away.

Suddenly, a bang on the door… Mark opened it, with the strong wind shivering down his spine. It was a recognisable figure, with evil red eyes and a dark look on its face. The figure walked into the house. The Doctor Who theme blasted once more, then faded away as it flew out the window, along with everything else Mark loved. The house was left empty, deserted and dusy.

Annie, Y7: 


Maya rapidly ripped open her unusually large present. Her body glimmered in the blinding glow of the contents. All of a sudden, a flaming luminous dragon zoomed out of the box, fire shooting out with every breath. Maya shrieked in terror. The creature had just had a near miss at her face; at a last chance of escape, Maya yanked open the door – but before she could run, the monster roared and wiped out the street. And all that was left was a blazing inferno…

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