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Short Story Ideas

Following a super-long hiatus, we’re back, and we’re glad to be back!

We’re working towards entering the Young Writer’s Competition, so today’s post is a list of different stimuli we could use to write a short story. This was generated by brainstorming as a group – next week, we’ll be using these ideas to practice planning a short story together.

Key things to consider:

  • Character development
  • The reality of the world itself
  • A tragic backstory?
  • Exploring possibilities

Key moments:

  • Catching a fish
  • Someone important dies
  • Someone unimportant dies
  • Someone is dead
  • Winning a sport
  • Unknown app
  • Childhood memory
  • Finding a long-lost object

Changing Perspectives:

  • Tree
  • Raindrop
  • Blooming flower
  • Fable
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‘My Neighbour Totoro’ Review

Reviewed by Megan, Y8

Totoro is a film about a family who move to a small rural village, the village surrounded by woods and forests. In the Japanese myths, forest spirits, such as Totoro, protects many forests. When the two children of the family, Mei and Sasuke, befriend Totoro and the other spirits and discover a lot about the world around them. However, they find many obstacles on their way and make a friend.



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‘Chappie’ Review

Reviewed by Oscar, Y8

Chappie is a powerfully compelling story of a robot who is created differently. Set in an advanced futuristic America the common police officer has been replaced with a humanoid robot that is incapable of love, compaction or mercy. However, one code writer named “Deon” (played by Dev Patel) creates a code for free will and “Chappie” a sentient robot. Unfortunately, others want to use him and then this leads him being exploited for his strength. By the end, he has learned love compassion and loss.

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‘Romeo and Juliet’ Review



Reviewed by Jasmine, Y8

Genre: This is a romance and tragedy.

Age recommendation: 12+

I would recommend this film to anyone who loves drama or romance. It keeps you on your toes. *****

The story starts when there is a fight at the petrol station between the Montagues and the Capulets. When Romeo and his friends go to a party, he meets Juliet by seeing each other through a fish tank. Later on, after the party ends, Romeo goes to see Juliet below her balcony and agree to meet the next day to get married. When Romeo kills Tybalt, he is banished. Juliet takes poison that will bring her back to life after 24 hours. However, Romeo is told that she is dead. So goes to where she lays and kills himself with liquid death just as she is opening her eyes. Then when Romeo is dead, Juliet shoots herself in the head, which kills her. In the end, they are dead and the two families are distraught.

  • Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Clare Danes
  • John Leguizamo
  • Harold Perrineau
  • Pete Postlethwaite
  • Paul Rudd

Image result for romeo and juliet mercutio party


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Wizard of Oz Review

‘Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!’


Peter’s rating: Picture2

The wizard of Oz is a compelling classic tale all about Dorothy who thinks she’s lost forever when a tornado whirls her and her dog, Toto, from Kansas into a magical world. To get home she must find the Wonderful Wizard in the Emerald city of Oz. on the way she meets the Scarecrow, Tin woodman and Cowardly lion. But the wicked witch of the west has her own plans for the new arrival.

Made in the 1930’s, the wizard of Oz was one of the first technicolour fPicture3ilms of the time. Many of the props and costumes  are now famous world-wide and highly sought after. Such as the ruby slippers, worn by Judy Garland, are now found in the Smithsonian, where thousands of people see them daily. This film made a huge imprint on how films were made and will be a family classic for all eternity.



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Coming soon: film reviews!

This week in Creative Writing Club, we are deciding which films we will be reviewing. Our choices are as follows:

Image result for pinocchio
Miss Tse – ‘Pinocchio’
Image result for baby groot
Isobel – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy II’
Image result for care bears movie
Isaac – ‘The Care Bears Movie’
Related image
Jasmine – ‘Romeo and Juliet’
Megan – ‘Totoro’
Image result for ghost patrick swayze demi moore
Isabelle – ‘Ghost’ 
Related image
Peter – Wizard of Oz
Image result for alice in wonderland animated
Chloe – ‘Alice in Wonderland’
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Ecco Jungle

The lift is like an open mouth

Welcoming its prey

Shadowy entrance, closes,

Digesting as dinner goes down.

Don’t ask what happens

When you go up.

Back stairs are giants,

Shapes, shifting amongst us.

They change like teeth

Eating and chewing on forgotten

Jumpers and ties, shoes.

Within the changing rooms,

Pegs like swords holding up bags,

Holding up coats, like dead bodies.

Dumped clothes, like burnt ashes.

Along the corridors, a minotaur.

As if the labyrinth has come alive.

Get lost in there, get lost,


Lady Mabel haunts these corridors, pale as paper.

Dark caverns, in the shapes of classrooms.

Dark pits with bones of victims,

Lairs of monsters.

The sports hall, dark, huge and scary.

A murder scene. Cold, red blood.

Left alone due to the lack of evidence.

By Leah Wood

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Writing Skills: “Burrowing”

Two excellent things happened today… 

  1. Students realised that you don’t need to start writing at the start of a story for  in order for that story to be interesting.
  2. A whopping 16 people turned up to the session – we’re now into double figures!

Students were given one word to act as the centre of their story (this word is highlighted in bold). They had to build a story around this word, equally balancing their ideas on either side. The objective was to get them thinking about different ways to approach creative writing, taking them away from strict, structural approaches to exploring their use of language. Here’s what they came up with.

Team Train Track: The track can take you places you never thought it would. It sits patiently, waiting for its riders to zoom along the (track) with its drivers. The ‘clickety-clack’ is always a pleasure, taking us to places we treasure. Never late, always on time, the track finally ends – and so does this rhyme. 

Team Holnie:   I wish to start a new page, to turn back the hands of time and step away from this dreadful life. I stand in the centre of the desolate field, where I feel my body (floating) above the clouds. I have finally evolved into a Pegasus. My mind is full o0f breathtaking dreams. 

Team Isabarlotte:   It was the Red Nose Day at Ecclesfield Comprehensive, and Miss Tse – being the loving, kind person that she, had chosen not to participate in the event. She had been assigned to clean Mr Wirth’s car with Beatrice. However, Miss had other plans…

“You (clean) the car, Beatrice!” Ordered Miss Tse. Miss Tse had never ordered people around before. I say that, but it’s probably not true. She looked very proud, with a smug grin on her face. I had a vague thought that Miss was not a good person who gave to charity and help starving children – nah, Miss Tse is too sweet to do that. I’m sure she has plans instead – that concerned the well-being of the school staff. 

(Disclaimer: Miss Tse is wholly aware of the sarcastic tone featured in this article and would like to clarify that she is willing to be at the centre of a very sarcastic story – especially when Miss Tse is too much of a wimp to play dodgeball for Sports Relief). 

Team Whatever:    In the gloomy, historic hospital in the centre of a ruined town centre, the bloodstained (carpet) laid uncomfortably above creepy wooden floorboards. The sound of the outdated check-in computer is the only sound for miles.

Team Corner:    The footsteps echoed from narrow hallway walls. We were certain soon they’d find us, and that all our efforts would be wasted. I could hear its heavy breath right outside the door. To my surprise, they passed, but we still sat in (silence), neither of us able to release any words from out lips. 

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Millennium Gallery – 24/02/16

The wonderful Miss Tse (there she goes, speaking about herself in third-person again) arranged for the Writer’s Block to visit the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield this week. There, students wrote a range of art-inspired pieces, explored the jacketed nature in the Winter Gardens and found an xbox controller in an old painting.

You can read some of their writing below –  can you guess what inspired them?


The ‘I am John Ruskin’ Project:

For this task, students pretended that they were the John Ruskin, who gathered together a collection of beautiful art pieces, trinkets, crystals and taxidermied birds for the entertainment of Sheffield workers. Their writing explored the imaginary moment Mr Ruskin first laid eyes on their chosen object.

Excerpt 1:

I had laid my eyes on pure beauty. My creation was finished. The streets of Port Chenzelles lay rolled out before me. The tall buildings above the cobbled street were like castles, spreading joy across the kingdom. The sun poured down on to the wonderful street of Port Chenzelles, full of joy and happiness. The grape trees hung in the air and swayed to a rhythm. A woman stood washing away all the water from her wooden bucket. Trees with berries lay, peeking over the top of a building. If trees were human, they would be smiling – as I was.

Excerpt 2:

The texture of my masterpiece is outstanding! It’s like no other creation ever to be seen. I simply had the desire to draw this from the second I saw it. It was just their, all alone. Now part of it is here to be seen by many – many that didn’t even know this plant and these animals ever even existed in the first place.

The Metalworkers’ Project:

For this project, students had to imagine various scenarios that included various metal-craft products, all of which were stunning to behold (and so very shiny, too!). In a somewhat violent turn of events, here is what they came up with.

Excerpt 3:

I lunged the knife forward into the stomach of the Baron. He didn’t make any noise, but his  lung popped and he fell to the group. I’d completely lost it in a rage. I can’t believe a knife made with such passion and displayed in such beauty could cause so much pain and draw so much blood. I ran for it.

Excerpt 4

Conducting research in the Metalwork exhibition.

In an almost eroded charity shop at the end of an old, dusty road, there was a man of mystery. Nobody knew his name, nobody knew where he came from. Gravity pulled him towards the knife. From the day he saw it, he had an urge to buy it. It wasn’t an ordinary knife; the man knew it was special. He slid the knife into the right pocket of his leather jacket and ran away. From his pocket, razor-thin wires erupted, wrapping round the man’s head to strangle him to death.

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Peter’s Booker Creative Writing Competition – Sheffield University

This month, students have been working towards the writing competition for the Booker Foundation Universities Initiative with the University of Sheffield. The winner will receive a copy of each of the six novels shortlisted for this year’s Man Booker Prize.

For inspiration, students have thought about the issues raised in this quote from Karen Joy Fowler: “We have underestimated our fellow animals at every turn, mainly by being unable to see beyond ourselves.”

Their responses were fantastic – read them below!

Peter – Puffskein Parade

Puffskeins (puf-sk-een) are little creatures no bigger than an apple. They can be every colour on earth: red, blue, green, and much more. The creatures have a peaceful nature and live in the Crinklet meadow.

Every year, the Puffskeins hold a huge celebration to remember the Big People who built them a village out of sticks, pebbles, grass and leaves. The celebration would always begin with a parade. Clay boats were to sail down the creek followed by the red raven group who would fly over the town on grey pigeons. The Puffskeins always had a perfect party…            Until Pygmy, that is.

Pygmy Crostino was a luminous green Puffskein. He had delphinium blue eyes and always carried his jade rucksack everywhere he went. Pygmy enjoyed exploring and was the fastest Puffskein in his school. Every year, Pygmy would be the first one at the celebration gates. This year, Pygmy hoped he would get the chance to meet the famous band, Zebra Zeborie.